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Nissan Nismo

High end retouching and creative composite.

Colour grading and special effects. All created in photoshop.


High-end retouching is a term used to describe professional image editing that involves making significant changes to an image, such as removing blemishes, smoothing skin, enhancing colors, and more. It is typically used for fashion and beauty photography, but can also be used for other types of images. High-end retouching often requires specialized software and advanced editing techniques, and is typically performed by professional retouching artists who have a lot of experience and skill.

In advertising, high-end retouching is often used to create images that are eye-catching and visually appealing. These images may be used in print or digital advertisements, and can be used to promote a wide range of products and services. High-end retouching in advertising is typically used to create images that are polished and professional, and that help to convey the desired message or brand image. This may involve enhancing colors, adjusting lighting, and making other changes to the image to make it more visually appealing. High-end retouching can help to create images that are more effective at capturing the attention of potential customers and driving sales.