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Creative defined. Imagery refined.

Through her work on high-end editorial and commercial projects around the globe, Lara Ostertag is one of the UK’s most sought-after High-end, commercial photographic retouchers. With 11 years of experience in digital retouching and has worked with award winning photographers and major fashion houses and cosmetics brands. Showing a wide variety of skills, Ostertag background in Graphic design, Packaging and Print, mixed with Photography and Interior Design, Ostertag understands the use of colour, lighting, CMYK, RGB, She even has experience working alongside 3D studios and artists perfecting 3D rendered imagery to look photo realistic.

Ostertag strictly uses non-destructive techniques, no colour banding, no blurring skin retouching methods that look fake which destroy pore-detail and clarity, Ostertag maintains subtle perfection at any resolution.

Miss Ostertag’s lifelong passion for fashion

Lara started young. At the age of five, she was delving into books and magazines for visual inspiration, drawing and sketching, surrounded by pencils, developing her keen eye, her comprehensive knowledge of colour and her strong work ethic.

Fully-grown Lara retains all the best bits of that young, uninhibited mind, but now comes complete with a unique sense of style, a vast knowledge of fashion and a plethora of industry contacts.

Always up for an exciting art direction or retouching challenge, Lara is all about positivity, bringing fresh ideas to the table, sharing and collaborating to make the creative work stronger.

A little more about Lara

A graduate in fashion design, graphic art and design communication, Lara co-directed a Leeds-based photography studio for three years before moving into art direction, working on campaigns with co-creatives and clients in the advertising industry.

Thanks to an excellent grounding in an award-winning post-production agency, her work has appeared in Vogue, Marie Clare and Cosmopolitan to name a few.

Her favourite commissions to date have included retouching the exclusive rebranding of the English National Ballet with Vivienne Westwood, and a 6-issue contract to produce the cover shoots and editorial imagery for Urban Coco magazine.

Able to realise the full potential of any creative brief, Lara will oversee your job from raw image files through to the final proof, producing the highest-quality, dynamic digital imagery.

Retouching specialities:

• Colour correction

• RGB and CMYK colour matching

• Detailed mask

• Garment alterations

• Dramatic lighting, reflection and shadow alterations

• Silhouettes for jewellery, clothing, electronics and more

High-end skin refinement:

• Luminous beauty portraits

• Eyes, hair and makeup

• Lip enhancement

• Blemish removal

• Pore-texture retention

Conceptualisation and composition:

• Creative backgrounds

• Interiors and landscapes

• Seamless compositing and special effects